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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does this Board use cookies? The Board will 'limp' along without them, but cookies are used by the Board programming so that YOU as a user can have a more pleasant and productive visit. Cookies allow the Board to recognize return visitors, keep track of messages posted since their previous visit, maintain their personal index display preferences, automatically insert their names and e-mail addresses into the post forms, and edit/maintain their User Profiles. This is a non-commercial site. Those of us maintaining DCOWeb have no interest in tracking your browsing interests! You are not -required- to accept these cookies. You may still use this Board even if your browser is set to refuse all cookies, but some features will not work properly.


When you post a message, you have an option to preview what you typed to see how it will look. Use this feature to catch your typing and formatting errors before posting. The preview screen shows the message as it will appear on the Board plus contains the input screen so you can make changes as necessary. Correcting a post after it is posted requires intervention from the Board Administrator to manually make the changes. Asking for such a change may be the only way to keep the information correct and current, but we hope most people check their messages carefully before posting.


When you post a message there is a little checked box to receive notification of any response. To NOT receive such an e-mail, click on the box so the 'x' disappears. If you leave the 'x', you will receive a copy of any response to your message. The notification message will be sent to the e-mail address you provide as you post. If you change your address, please notify the Board Administrator so the address can be corrected or the post deleted (your choice). Also be aware that you cannot reply to the notification in e-mail unless you cut & paste the address of the poster to the TO: field of a new e-mail message. Just hitting reply will place "PleaseRespond@TheBulletinBoard" in the TO: field and the message will bounce. If you click on the URL provided, you will be taken to this Board to make a reply.


As you post a message, note that you have an option to set a password. Setting a password to your post will permit you to delete that post in the future. If you do not set a password or forget what it is, you will need to contact the Board Administrator to have the post manually deleted.


As you post a message on these Boards, you will be offered the option to list a URL. If you have a web page, you can create a link to your page. In the first field you list the URL or address of the web page (ends in .htm or .html) and then in the second field list the name of the page so the the script can create the link to click at the end of your post. Some Boards and the User Profiles permit you to list a picture URL. These will also display at the end of your post. NOTE that the picture URL is the address of a graphics file (ends in .gif, .jpg, .bmp, etc.), NOT a web page, on your server.


User Profiles are the newest feature of these new Boards. A User Profile can be used by visitors to tell other visitors more about themselves. Because these Boards all pertain to Darke Co., Ohio, all the User Profiles are available from each board. You don't have to post a message to create a User Profile for yourself. You have a message area (50 kilobytes) to post information about yourself and it can be in straight text mode or 'fancied up' with HTML. You can use this area to list more details about your ancestry, things about your personal life you want others to know, the part of the country where you live (but DCOWeb advises against street addresses and phone numbers being submitted!), or special research interests and problems. Some might even list special resources they have and offer to do lookups. For those who already have web sites, you can list your home page link PLUS you can list a link to a photo of yourself to display with your User Profile. User Profiles open in a new window so that to return to the Board, you simply close the new window. Be creative and share something of yourself with other DCOWeb browsers.


If you have further questions about the Boards, please contact the Board Administrator. Perhaps the answer to the question needs to be part of this FAQ page for everyone to read!
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